Tech at the heart

Leaders have always had to manage change - investing in technology at the correct level today in order to capitalise on opportunities tomorrow. But in today's environment, change is accelerating faster than ever before. And many management teams, business units, and boards, are being left behind.

Speed, agility, globalisation, connectivity, and data are driving significant change in how the modern organisation operates. Throughout my career, I've built product teams to help grasp this change, leverage new opportunities, and prepare for the next wave of digital technology.



  • Ecosystems
  • Software / product development
  • Product ownership
  • Team creation
  • Roadmap planning
  • Agile (Scrum) operation
  • Integration
  • Digital product growth
  • Commercial and pricing
  • Proposition
  • System / tech stack design

Case studies

Retail intelligence

The challenge:
"We have a lot of customer transactional data, and we're sure it's valuable, but we're also nervous of being on the wrong side of data legislation. Help us understand where the opportunities are."

The solution:
I worked alongside this travel retail company's legal team to ring fence existing data (and its existing governance model), consolidate and clean usable data, and re-build data gathering tools (for both 'volunteered' data and detailed mandatory transactional data). I created a plan for using a new segmented database for marketing as well as product development. I also built a commercial model for incoming and outgoing data - securing industry available consumer data that would complete gaps within the proprietary data; and launching a resale program of anonymised 'whole picture' data to the analyst market.

The result:
The business went from having a cost centre for data to having a profit centre for retail intelligence which represented a targeted €4m gain in Y1.

Knowledge ecosystem
UK, Qatar, Singapore

The challenge:
"We're a business that sells knowledge. We face significant risk of IP loss when senior talent leaves. Help us be more valuable by building a technology product that preserves and shares our knowledge internally."

The solution:
This professional services firm was the best in its field, working at the top of its game, fuelled by the best talent in the sector. Because of this, it was also prime target for talent luring, which led to a continuous cycle of knowledge loss in the business. I created a knowledge engine at the heart of the business that not only preserved and codified all of the knowledge inside the business but also generated new IP through tools for collaboration, a crowdsourced learning academy, and the creation of a sharing culture.

The result:
The on-time and under-budget project delivered a 350% ROI through efficiencies alone. The business went on to complete a trade sale at an increased valuation multiple.

Proprietary software

The challenge:
"We have investor backing to buy three companies working close to, but slightly outside, our sector. If we succeed, we will build a group and increase shareholder value. Help us build this group."

The solution:
I worked with the CEO and COO to plan integration paths for each of the three acquisition targets, as well as creating new combined revenue earning products and services for the new group. The owned technology stack was at the core, and my strategy focused on leveraging one of the companies' proprietary software products - which had previously been slightly overlooked.

The result:
All three acquisitions closed. We achieved a 55% operating efficiency. A further 15% income uplift was achieved by launching the proprietary software as an across-the-group flagship product.