Hi, I'm Craig Unsworth.

I'm CEO of Upgrade Pack. I build companies as a strategist, technologist, and product owner. Having spent a decade and a half building companies for other people, I co-founded Upgrade Pack in 2018. Digitally native, and a travel geek, I have always specialised in helping companies use tech to grow and transform through product and CX (customer experience) excellence. It’s great to now be doing so in the hot seat as Chief Executive Officer.





I utilise digital technology and data to transform the way companies operate. Working at board level, I've helped companies embrace change, create new processes, and work smarter. 'Technology as a product' is my main area of focus.

Travel & Lifestyle


I've worked with many sectors over the past 15 years but my heart lies in travel and lifestyle - which includes retail. These are industries where technology can drive the billions of unique customer experiences that consumers demand.

Customer Experience

Starting my career as a planner / strategist meant I've always focused on the customer. I eat / sleep / breathe customer experience (as you'll see in the Personal section) and love designing the 'surprise and delight' within tech. 


I’d never seen a hybrid quite like Craig. He’s a real rarity - a strategist, with deep technology experience, who knows how to operate.
— Managing Director, Hotels
Craig helped our board find growth in ways and areas of our business that we hadn’t even considered. Our customers are embracing our new digital-first approach zealously.
— Chief Executive Officer, Airport Retail
We hired Craig when we faced major change and digital disruption. He helped us find clarity, and make a plan. We’re 22% up this year.
— Chief Operating Officer, Banking