The customer revolution

Consumers have never had so much control - from the accessibility of the Internet as a whole to mobile and social commerce. It's imperative that brands and leadership teams adapt to the new customer-led fast-paced way of working.

My role in creating products is usually "the eyes and ears of the customer", with scrutiny of function, form, experience, and process my primary focuses.

From enticing shoppers in to a bricks and mortar store to leveraging loyalty online, I've worked with some of the biggest and best names in travel, leisure, retail, and banking to deliver outstanding customer experiences - joining the likes of Apple, John Lewis, and Southwest Airlines in the CX hall of fame.

I work closely with consumers and have developed my own proprietary insights panels for high net worth individuals as well as a tool to identify next generation influencers.



  • Insights and trends
  • Next generation customers
  • Digital transformation
  • Predictive modelling
  • Transition to luxury
  • Pricing
  • New products and services
  • HNW customer acquisition
  • CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • User experience
  • E-commerce strategy

Case studies

Engaging millennials
Hong Kong

The challenge:
"We have no direct digital engagement with our customers, and risk losing millennials to competitors that can attract them better with digitally-relevant marketing."

The solution:
This leading retailer was losing market share in Asia to newer and 'cooler' market entrants. Its market position had slipped to number three, and its product was starting to be associated with an older demographic. I worked with the leadership team for South East Asia, and its brand agency, to redefine the brand's values - specifically imagining what it would look like were it a gaming brand as gaming and gamification over-indexed by 50% with the target market. Axing all TV advertising in favour of a partnership with YouTube and social platform ads, we created a social gaming concept - both online and as an offline experiential kiosk - around the product's reputation for being 'refreshing' and its heritage status as a treat / reward. Social sharing lay at the heart of what turned out to be the company's most successful campaign to date across all demographics.

The result:
Engagement with the target 18-30 demographic increased by more than 350%, with the company's flagship product returning to its previous number one slot, by volume. The gamification concept went on to win more than 100 awards for effectiveness around the world.

E-commerce CX

The challenge:
"We're a heritage apparel retailer with an ageing customer base and an engrained disconnect with modern communications channels, specifically how people buy online. Help us be relevant to tomorrow's customers and increase CLV."

The solution:
A straightforward project, I worked with the CEO and his team to re-base the business as a digitally-centric operation. Starting with education at management level, we made a plan to re-engineer teams, empower newly uncovered talent within the business, and create a long term sales plan that would grow online revenues to become 60% of all sales, from its current 5-10%. All without alienating the existing customer base. Loyalty lay at the heart, building CLV through repeat purchase - which we created an occasion-based eCRM model and points model for.

The result:
Whilst a very recent project, first and second quarter results post-implementation have already shown a 120% like-for-like increase in online sales. Repeat purchase has increased by more than 45%. And uptake of the created loyalty mechanic is at an impressive 60%.

Product strategy

The challenge:
"Help us understand the premium dining market in London compared to the market we already operate in in New York. We see nuances but don't know how to adapt the user experience of our table reservation product for what feels like a very different market."

The solution:
Assembling a small team, I created a GTM (go-to-market) strategy and London-specific proposition for this hospitality software firm. We built a three-part technology strategy, focused around user stories and 'moment' profiles (business dinner, social eating, out of town, special event, etc). We enabled launch within 90 days and focused on building robust APIs in order to build scale and recruit restaurant partners.

The result:
The company launched in to the UK market successfully, achieving its first quarter revenue targets through the creation of five core partnerships (one of which was trade media). The product was acquired by a larger rival in FY1.